A simple way to boost the storage space in your home, especially if you have a chimney in your bedroom or dressing area, is to use a built-in wardrobe. By definition, they are custom designed for your space, and can be in bespoke finishes and colours to match your interior décor, which helps really give that wow factor.

These wardrobes increase the value of your property. In fact, houses with fitted wardrobes tend to be sold at a higher rate than those without.

Below is a detailed guide on the design options that can save your space and the pros and cons of a fitted wardrobe.

Space-saving designs on Fitted Wardrobes Around a Chimney Breast

A fitted wardrobe is functional and adds elegance to your home decor. Most chimneys, especially chimney breasts in the bedrooms, have become obsolete as most homeowners now prefer more energy-efficient ways of heating their home.  The chimney stack itself however, is difficult to demolish, and often it is decided to just work around it rather than going through the process of removing it.

You could opt to install a sliding wardrobe door to cover up the chimney breast – however this is not always practical due to the space required for the sliding mechanism, and additionally sliding doors don’t give you full access to all areas of the wardrobe at the same time.

The better solution is often to cover the chimney with a large fitted wardrobe with doors that run across the entire wall. In addition, it will provide more storage space because the design will utilize the area around the chimney breast.

Alternatively, if you do not like the idea of having a large fitted wardrobe covering the entire wall, there is the option of alcove wardrobes on either side of a chimney breast.  This normally works best when the chimney breast projects deep into the room.  For example, if it is deeper than 600mm, this works well as the wardrobes can be flush with the face of the chimney and still be deep enough for hanging clothes. However, if the space is 600 – 150mm deep, you can still utilize this by installing shelves or perpendicular hanging space.

It’s important to keep in mind what depths of units fit when designing fitted wardrobes to conceal an unattractive chimney. For example if you want wardrobes that are 600mm deep, and you want to cover a chimney that comes into the room by 300mm, this will leave you 300mm for a unit infront. This is not deep enough for a standard hanging rail or drawers, however you can still use this space for shelving.

Finally, ensure you choose a material that compliments your room’s interior decor when hiding the chimney. We can match to any well know paint brands if you want to match to an existing wall colour, or alternatively pick a contrasting finish and make a statement!

The Pros And Cons of a Fitted Wardrobe Around a Chimney Breast

Although these fitted wardrobes are tailor-made for you, they can also present some challenges. Below are the advantage and disadvantages of having a fitted wardrobe, especially around the chimney breast.


  • You will have more space – You will have more storage space by utilising the area around the chimney breast better.
  • It’s an investment – When putting up the home for sale, the price will likely be higher because of the more storage space around the house.
  • Can fit small spaces – These wardrobes can fit any room because they are custom-made.


  • They are permanent – These wardrobes are fitted to the wall, so when moving, it’s unfortunate that you’ll leave the piece of furniture behind.
  • They are costly to install – The initial installation cost is higher because of the custom features involved, and it’s a permanent structure.

In conclusion, always seek the services of a professional to help you design your perfect wardrobe. Contact our friendly and professional team if you need help designing your wardrobe.

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