It is now becoming trendy to convert a loft into a bedroom to make the most of the space. Whether you are doing it for your growing family or increasing your home value, loft conversion is always a great idea.

And it makes sense… Many people don’t utilise the large spaces in their loft and it always seems like a waste of space to just use it for the Christmas decorations!

According to The Guardian, a loft conversion could increase the value of a property by around 22%. That is a very good return on investment compared to most other house improvement options.

If you are going for loft conversion, you have to think about storage. That’s where fitted wardrobes come into play. These wardrobes can easily fit into tricky angles and make the most of your space.

Having these made to measure wardrobes will guarantee you maximum storage along with a beautiful and aesthetic look, that your loft so rightly deserves.

Here at Qbium, we pride ourselves with being able to assist you in creating a wardrobe that will fit perfectly in your next loft conversion project and provide you with the best possible optimisation of the space available.

Fitted closet with sloping backs

If you want a clean and neat front for your wardrobes where everything is of the same height and in line, you can’t go wrong with these wardrobes.

This type of wardrobe works best when the wall that is below the skeiling (The sloping area of the ceiling) is still a reasonable height. A good rough guide is if the wall height is taller than the longest item you want to have hanging in the wardrobe – this will give you enough room once you take into account the wardrobe top and bottom panels, but also then the increase in height as you come further out from the wall.

You will end up with a nice-looking wardrobe that has sloping backs without any compromise on space.

These wardrobes also come in handy if you want to make the most of your space with shelves and hanging rails.

Since they are generally lower than other normal fitted wardrobes, you won’t be able to have a double hanging rail system but you can choose a single hanging rail system with different shelves and drawers to utilise all the space you can.

Sloping back fitted wardrobe with shelves

Bespoke wardrobes with angled sides

These are apopular choice if you have a wider space in your loft or if you are simply looking for customised wardrobes for your loft.

You can get a larger storage space with wardrobes right up to a ceiling which gives you a good chance of getting double hanging rails and a number of different storage configurations.

One thing to keep in mind is that the end doors that will be cut at an angle will need to be hinged to open away from the side walls, otherwise they will clash with the ceiling.  Another option rather than having this issue, is to stop the doors at the start of the slope, and just have an open shelving and storage area above this where the side is sloped.

You could also go with alcove wardrobes or wardrobes that go around the chimney breasts. Every loft has different shapes and spaces and so you can get these wardrobes fitted according to your style and interior decor.

Many people also put a dressing table or a chest of drawers in the eaves so that no space is wasted.

Elegant storage space idea for smaller eaves

People prefer to make the most of their eaves. Somespaces are often too tight or awkward, where wardrobes can’t be fitted comfortably.

In these cases, we recommend opting for several elegant drawers, or small shelving units to enable to still utilise this space.

These units cansit flush with your walls as they are also made to measure, and can obviously match your interior decor and any other fitted wardrobes or units you want in the room.

It is always best to give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your space and make recommendations on how best to utilise it.

Other considerations

Aside from the fitted wardrobes, you might want to consider other things too when planning your loft conversion project. I-e ventilation, power, natural and/or artificial light, etc.

Often attic areas don’t have many windows, and can be quite dark – therefore we would recommend to definitely consider opting for internal lighting to your wardrobes.  We can supply LED strip lights that are fitted in the underside of the shelves, and are on automatic sensors so that they turn on as soon as you open the door. 

People often also opt to install an en-suite bathroom to their loft conversions. This can often work well and look amazing when wardrobes are fitted on either side of a door to the en-suite bathroom. We have even created units that make the door to the en-suite look like its all part of the unit, and unless you were told you wouldn’t know there is another room behind!

Final words

When it comes to fitted wardrobes, the possibilities are quite endless. There are elegant and space-saving solutions for each and every type of loft.

Choosing a wardrobe style is your decision but it is always a good idea to consult a professional who can guide you in your decision-making process.

Get in touch with one of our experts today to find out the best and practical fitted wardrobe solutions for your loft.

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