When it comes to walk-in wardrobes, no one can get enough of it. Everyone would agree that they give a luxurious feel to any house especially when designed correctly.

The catch is, as a loft owner, you have only so much space to make your wardrobe dream into a reality, and with all the angled ceilings and difficult corners, it really is a challenge to know how to best utilise the space.

To help you, we’ve got together some clever wardrobe ideas to inspire your next loft conversion project.

1.  Fitted wardrobe in eaves

A great way to utilise eaves is to build cabinets all the way along. Why waste the space when you can turn that into a luxurious closet?

Here, the designers installed various sizes of compartments and cabinets with hanging rails so you can store just about anything. And the open design ensures that you maintain the premium feel of this walk-in wardrobe.

Keep in mind that to ensure seamless fitting, it is always best to allow a good size scribe piece of at least 50mm or more that can be cut to fit against the angled ceiling.

2.  Shoe rack in eaves

Got a lot of shoes? Why not install small compartments under the angled roof to display your amazing collection.

These compartments give you more opportunities to organise your items and belongings. As a plus, they also prevent your precious items from getting damaged.

If you really want to show them off – why not install LED strip lighting in the shelving and make a statement of your collection.

Loft wardrobe shoe rack in eaves

3.  Built-in seating structure

Your wardrobe is your sanctuary. It is a place where you can go to collect yourself – ready yourself for the busy day ahead.

So, it is only natural to have a seating place in your walk-in wardrobe. The seat can easily be built-in under the angled roof.

You can make the seat comfy with a custom upholstered cushion, so you can have a nice little cave to escape the world, take a nap, or read your book- the possibilities are endless.

Built-in wardrobe seating structure

4.   Open shelves

Open fitted wardrobes are a great way to show off your collection of clothes.  Having open storage gives the illusion of a bigger space, and it also helps you in deciding quickly what to wear on any given day without too much of a problem.

When building a loft, you often have too little space and full-length wardrobes can’t always fit into that space. Open shelving units and open rails give an elegant solution to your storage problems, and let’s be honest, open design looks pretty great aesthetically.

Open fitted wardrobe

5.  Walk-through wardrobe

Having a wardrobe in your walkway is a great way to make use of an area that could otherwise just be plain walls. If your walkway is wide enough, why not get a fitted wardrobe on either side with different storage options.

In a walk-through wardrobe, your storage compartments are usually facing each other, so it is advised to wisely use your vertical space. Plan for the sizes and dimensions of your outerwear storage, casual clothing compartments, shoe compartments, and most importantly, your changing area. Your changing area should at least have a table, mirror, and seating arrangements.

If the planning and designing is good, this walk-through wardrobe can give a luxe feel to your loft.

Walk-through wardrobe


Bespoke loft wardrobes come with their pros and cons. They can be customised to fit in with your interior and they can make use of awkward spaces in your loft. They can also increase the lighting if you go with mirrored doors. Another excellent benefit of having these wardrobes is that they make your room look more spacious, luxe, and taller.

If you think of disadvantages, some people like the option to move their furniture whenever they need to redecorate. Fitted wardrobes can’t be moved around for obvious reasons. So, it is always our recommendation to have a good plan to get a design that fits seamlessly with your interior decor. And you can always redecorate around your fitted wardrobe.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to consult a professional so that you can make an informed and wise decision. You can get in touch with one of our experts today to find out the best walk in wardrobe solutions for your loft.

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